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Welcome to High Five Gutters, the fastest growing gutter cleaning company on the west coast. We pride ourselves on fast service, quality gutter cleaning, and ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied. We can clean gutters on houses of all sizes, and best of all, you do not have to be present for us to complete the job.

If you are ready for your gutter cleaning quote, then High Five is ready to help. You can fill out our gutter cleaning quote form and expect a quote back within 60 seconds.

Whichever method you choose, our staff will quickly get a quote to you. There are no hidden charges or trick billing with High Five Gutters. What you're quoted is what you pay. We take pride in being the most honest gutter cleaning company out there.

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Gutter Cleaning Questions

  • Can I Clean My Gutters Myself?
  • It's entirely possible to clean your gutters on your own. If you're able to climb up and down a ladder safely and repeatedly, then maintaining your own gutters can be done. The question is -- do you want to? Do you feel safe one or two stories up in the air? Do you have the proper equipment and tools that the professionals do? Do you have the technical knowledge to spot blockage or sagging issues? Would you know how to fix the issues if you could spot them?

    If you answer no to any of these questions, you may be better served letting the pros handle your gutter maintenance. It's a safer, most cost effective, and time effective way to ensure that your gutters and roof are well maintained.

  • How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?
  • Residential gutter cleaning costs between $1 and $2 per linear foot of gutter. If you have gutter guards present, you can figure up to an additional $1.00 per linear foot of cost due to the additional labor to remove and reinstall the guards.

    Other factors that affect the cost of your gutter cleaning are the heigh of your home or the number of difficult to reach locations. When you obtain a quote from High Five Gutters, we will ask you a series of questions that will give us a good idea of the layout of your home. We use these questions to provide you a prompt estimate.

  • What Causes My Gutters to Overflow?
  • Gutters generally overflow due to a blockage in either the downspout or the channel, also known as an eavestrough. If the downspout is blocked, water is unable to flow from the gutter channels and down the spout, so the water builds up and overflows from the sides. This can generally be resolved by clearing the downspout blockage. If there is a blockage in the eavestrough, you will typically see water overflowing from the gutter corners or sides. This can be resolved by clearing the eavestrough blockage and allowing the rainwater to flow through to the downspout.

    On occasion, gutters loosen from the screws that attach them to the fascia board or rafters. When this happens, the gutters can fall at an angle away from the downspout, causing the water to backup and over flow. During our visual inspection, we will tighten and reattach any sagging gutters.

  • Should I Get Gutter Guards?
  • Gutter guards claim to slow down or stop debris from entering your rain gutters. Ideally this means less gutter cleaning would be required. But even the companies that install gutter guards recommend periodic gutter cleaning and the reason why is simple. Gutter guards don't keep debris out of your gutters and they can cause larger backups of water in your gutters and on your roof than if they were not installed.

    Most roofing professionals recommend an annual cleaning over gutter guard devices that will clog over time.