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Gutter Guard Service

Gutter guards are designed to do one thing, prevent dirt and debris from entering your gutter tracks. They achieve this by physically blocking the upper entrance of your gutters with a barrier, generally made from mesh, plastic, or aluminum. When working properly, gutter guards allow rain water to flow through while preventing all other debris from entering your gutters.

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High Five Gutters currently does not offer Gutter Guard Service, but we are here to recommend a top notch partner no matter where you're located. Contact us here.

Pros of Gutter Guards

  1. Decreased maintenance and cleaning means you spend less time on a ladder, cleaning the gutters and more time doing the things you want to do. Gutter Guards prevent most leaves, seeds, and debris from entering your gutters so you may not need that annual gutter cleaning appointment.
  2. Pest control is another extra benefit of gutter guards. With access blocked, pests like mice, birds, and snakes can no longer access the interior of your gutters.
  3. Improved rainwater harvesting is easily achieved with a gutter guard system. With gutter guards in place, large items like leaves and twigs are filtered out of the rainwater before entering the collection barrel.
Gutter guard install

Cons of Gutter Guards

  1. Install costs for gutter guard systems are not cheap. A high quality system can run you anywhere from $5 to $10 per linear foot installed. This is on top of the cost of the gutters themselves. You should compare the cost of annual gutter cleaning service compared to the cost of installing a gutter guard system. It's often cheaper for a homeowner to have annual cleanings done rather than install a costly gutter guard system.
  2. They're not maintenance free and will still require cleaning of your gutter interior. No system is perfect, so seeds, dirt, and other small debris items will still make their way inside. These items will build up and you will still need to have your gutters cleaned. Because the guards are generally screwed in place, the cleaning technician will need to unscrew each section, complete the cleaning job, and reattach the guards. The labor involved often increases the cost of your cleaning quote.
  3. They make it difficult to see when leaves and debris are building up over your mesh screens. Gutter guard screens are notorious for clogging up and preventing water from entering the inner tracks. Water then flows directly over the guards and onto the ground, damaging landscaping and concrete.

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