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Gutter Installation Service

Some of the most neglected systems on a home are the gutters and downspouts. Homeowners often fail to maintain or clean their gutters, leading to clogs and blockages that overflow onto their landscaping. Functional gutters are important to your home maintenance, whether you're replacing old, outdated gutters or installing them for the first time.

High Five Gutters currently does not offer Gutter Installation Service, but we are here to recommend a top notch partner no matter where you're located. Contact us here.

DIY or Professional Gutters

If you aren't afraid of heights and are comfortable on a ladder, a DIY gutter install may be right for you. You'll save quite a bit of money on labor costs and can choose from a wide array of color and size options for your gutters. Your local home improvement retailer will have plenty of options for you to choose from.

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Choosing a contractor is important if you're going the professional route. You should make sure to ask what types of gutters they install and confirm if they're properly insured, licensed, and bonded. A professional gutter installer should be able to complete your entire home in a single day, assuming no major issues are found. The most common major issues are a rotten fascia and/or soffits. Repairing these issues involves removal and replacement of the rotten wood, as well as sealing or painting the component. The general cost for this type of job is $6 to $20 per linear foot.

Seamed vs Seamless Gutters

Seamed Gutters

Seamed gutters are so known as regular gutters. They're the most commonly seen type of gutter across the United States. They are sold in sections and attached to each other with a component called a gutter slip joint or a gutter joiner. They are made from vinyl, steel, or aluminum. You will also need caulk or sealant to ensure there are no leaks or drips at your seams. All of these pieces can be purchased from your local home improvement retailer.

Seamless Gutters

As their name implies, seamless gutters are one piece gutter tracks that are attached to the fascia boards of your home. The advantage of seamless gutter systems is that their one piece construction greatly reduces the leaks and clogs associated with seamed gutters. They also require less cleaning and maintenance than their seamed counterparts, mainly due to the lack of failure points.

Seamless gutter installation

One challenge with seamless gutters is the challenge of install. Seamless gutters have to be cut on site using specialized machinery. They are also much more difficult to install than seamed gutters. Because of these challenges, seamless gutters are only available as a professional install. This challenges come at a cost that should be taken into consideration when deciding on your next gutter install.

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