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Moss Removal Service

High Five Gutters provides high quality moss removal and roof cleaning as a service to our customers. We utilize high quality tools and cleaning materials to ensure a moss-free roof after our service is complete. Our moss removal process involves a moss cleaning and a moss treatment of your roof. This guarantees a clean and clear roof for a 12 month period.

We utilize a two-step process to clear your roof of moss and debris. First, we use a specialized stiff bristle brush to remove any clumps or large chunks of moss growth. This removes all of the large pieces and leaves the roof almost clear. Secondly, we apply a moss control product to your roof to kill any remaining moss spores or rhizoids (similar to roots). Our two-step process leaves your roof clean and moss-free for a 12 month period.

We recommend customers to maintain an annual moss treatment + gutter cleaning routine in order to ensure a roof free from moss growth and gutter blockages. Our customer in the Pacific Northwest particularly benefit from this type of annual maintenance.

Mossy roof

Our Moss Control Products

We modify our moss treatment products depending on the growth location and stage of moss development. On almost all roofs we'll use a granular, easily spreadable product that treats for moss, algae, and fungus. These are the commonly found items growing on any roof. For lighter jobs, we utilize a spray on product that kills moss and algae after 24 hours. Both of these products are excellent and your technician will inform you of which product is the best for your roof.

Is It Safe To Pressure Wash My Roof?

We recommend that you do not pressure wash your roof. You will end up causing permanent damage to your shingles and reduce the lifespan of your roof. Pressure washing will remove the layer of granules on the surface of your shingles. The granules are there to protect the asphalt coating against UV rays, and also act as a fire retardant. They also add durability to your shingles when installed.

A Fun Moss Fact

Did you know that moss is not limited to growing only grow on the north side of trees and surfaces? It mostly grows on the north side due to the tilt of the Earth's axis. The tilt causes the north side to get receive less sunlight than than the south, causing shade and moisture to persist. This is an optimal environment for moss. This rule applies only in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, moss grows mostly on the south side of trees and surfaces.

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