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Gutter Repair Service

Gutters are used for one purpose, diverting water away from your home. When properly installed and maintained, a gutter system will prevent water from pooling around your foundation and decrease moisture damage to your exterior walls. Some commonly seen gutter issues that need repair are leaking, sagging, or overflowing gutters. Often, we see water pooling around the home. All of these are indicators that a home's gutter system needs attention.

High Five Gutters currently does not offer Gutter Repair Service, but we are here to recommend a top notch partner no matter where you're located. Contact us here.

Gutter repair

Signs Of Failing Gutters

  • Leaking gutter seams are a sign that the sealant used to prevent water leakage has failed. A homeowner with a leaky seamed gutter may want to consider upgrading to seamless gutters rather than paying for the labor to reseal each failing section.
  • Gutters hanging off a home is a sign that repair or replacement is most likely needed. Quite often, the hangars or brackets used to attach gutters to a home have failed. There is also a good chance that the roof fascia has rot. Fascia board rot is generally the reason for the hanging gutters.
  • A disconnected downspout is another clear indicator that gutter service is needed. Quite often, a gutter technician can simply reattach the downspout to the gutters. On occasion, the downspout or gutter attachment has sustained serious damage and needs replacement. A disconnected downspout is a serious issue as water can quickly pool around your home's foundation and cause moisture damage.
  • Spike and ferrule is a gutter mounting technique that was used around 20 years ago. It utilizes a metal or plastic cylinder that runs through the gutter. The cylinder is held in place by driving a large spike through the front of the gutter and into the cylinder to attach to the fascia. When these systems get old, the spikes commonly shift and loosen, causing gutter sag. Frequent readjustment is necessary with a spike and ferrule system. With heavy sagging, you'll be required to either make a new hole for the spike or drive it deeper into your fascia board. When we see spike and ferrule systems, we generally advise home owners replace them with a seamless gutter system attached with hangars.
  • Lines in landscaping below gutters is an indicator that you gutters are not flowing properly. There is likely a blockage or a clog in your gutter, which is causing rain water to spill over the edge. The falling water is what causes the line in the landscaping below your gutters. This may be just a simple gutter cleaning fix so schedule an appointment with a gutter cleaning professional soon.

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