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Become a Vendor

Professional gutter cleaning

Thank you for expressing interest in working as a vendor for High Five Gutters. This page should answer most questions about working with us and what is involved. Our goal as a company is to provide our customers with the utmost in customer satisfaction, and we rely on our vendors to help us maintain that standard. We only want the best gutter cleaning technicians and we're quite picky on who we accept into our program.

We provide all web technology, quoting, communication with homeowners, payment collection, as well as customer service follow up. We ony ask that our vendors focus on getting the job done. We also encourage our vendors to promote and sell their own services to customers, as long as these services do not conflict with our main area of operations -- gutter cleaning.

Benefits of Working With High Five Gutters

Here are a few of the benefits of working with us. We strive to make the partnership between our company and yours as mutual beneficial as possible.

  • Affiliated with high quality, nationally recognized company
  • Earn great money for purely gutter cleaning services
  • Access to a cohort of customers, interested in services you offer
  • Ge paid via direct deposit twice per month
  • Easy communication via text and email

The gutter cleaning industry is a cyclical business. Our peak seasons are the fall, winter, and early spring. We cannot guarantee a particular amount of business to our vendors year round. This is not full time work. Our preference is to work with existing businesses that would like to gain access to extra work during the gutter cleaning season. We also ensure that all of our vendors are properly licensed, bonded, and insured.

Our ideal vendor is a small business that sees the value of the leads that we provide. If you have the drive and personality to grab opportunity, this can be a great opportunity for you and your business.

What Do Our Vendors Say

Here's a review from Peter in Tacoma, WA:

Working with High Five Gutters has been a piece of cake. I love the independence and flexibility of determining my own schedule, but also having extra work has been great. Here are a few of my favorite things about the company:

  1. I can schedule a job when it's convenient for me and my business
  2. Scheduling and communication is all online with fast responses
  3. I get to supplement my own business work with gutter cleaning jobs from High Five. I love being able to pick up work when my business is slow or I have gaps in between jobs.

High Five Gutters has been super easy to work with. I recommend them to anybody looking to kick start their business. The money is great and the flexibility is amazing. Get going with them and start getting paid.

— Peter S.

Here's a review from James in Bellevue, WA:

We're new to High Five Gutters but our experience so far has been great. Our business gets slow in the winter months and we've found the extra gutter cleaning jobs to be helpful in keeping our guys busy. We're looking forward to all of the spring and fall gutter cleaning volume. It's easy to get onboarded with their system and the process just flows smoothly.

— James H.

Working with High Five Gutters, we're able to achieve a win-win. The customer gets a fast and professional gutter cleaning, on their own schedule. Our vendors get access a high quality pipeline of customers looking for gutter cleaning and other home services. And we win because happy customers refer their friends and family, which means continued business and service for everybody.

There are probably additional questions that you have at this point. If you'd like to learn more, please check out our Vendor FAQ page. We've laid out many of the most commonly asked questions about process and routine here. If you'd like to apply to be a vendor, you can find the application link on this page.