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Gutter Cleaning Service

An easily dismissed task of home maintenance, regular gutter and downspout cleaning is critical to protecting your home from water infiltration, as well as prevention of foundation damage.

Some people choose to clean their gutters and downspouts on their own. Doing the work DIY can be done with the proper tools and safety precautions. Most homes only need a gutter cleaning once or twice per year, after the leaf and debris build up has slowed down or stopped. This generally happens in late fall and late spring. If you do choose to DIY your gutter cleaning, these are the best time periods to complete the job.

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If you do not have the tools or ability to climb on your roof for a DIY gutter cleaning, hiring professionals is your best bet. High Five Gutters has a team of technicians in your area, ready to inspect and clean your home's gutters. We can be out within a just few days, and we offer additional services such as moss removal.

The Gutter Cleaning Process

The process to clean a gutter is straight forward, but the technician has to ensure that no steps are missed in order to ensure a lasting clean flowing gutter.

Step 1

The first step in the gutter cleaning process is to remove any large items that may be stuck around your roof edges. This generally includes sticks, branches, pine cones or acorns, and anything else that may stop up your gutter system. Commonly, large debris items like these get stuck in corners or v-areas where varying angles of your roof meet. We do this by hand or utilize blowers in order to reach difficult areas.

Step 2

Now we're ready to get into the gutters themselves. In step 2, we remove any medium to large items from your interior gutter tracks. You'd be surprised at the volume of twigs and pinecones that make their way into your gutter over a year or two. These items can easily bunch up and cause a gutter clog. We remove these items by hand and collect them in a large bucket in order to keep your landscaping clean. Removal of this debris is critical to ensuring a clear flowing gutter upon completion.

Gutter cleaning

Step 3

This step includes flushing out your gutters in a few ways. The first is to use a blower to remove thicker debris and dirt from inside your gutter tracks. This is a much more effective method than hand or tool cleaning because small particles are left in the gutter tracks unless you blow them out. We make sure to clean up any overflow on the outside of your gutters, as well as on your landscaping.

We then flush water through your gutter system to clear out any small dirt particles that the blower was unable to reach. This ensures a clean gutter track and confirms clear water flow.

Step 4

Next, we check each gutter corner and downspout for leaks and drips. Leaks can happen on gutter systems that are a few years old, where the sealant has hardened or lost it's adhesiveness. If we identify any leaks or drips, we re-apply sealant in these areas to ensure your gutters are fully sealed.

We also inspect for any sagging or detaching. Often times with older gutters, the aluminum tracks can come detached from the roof fascia. If we see any examples of this, we will reattach the gutters to the fascia with new screws. This will keep your gutters in place and flowing properly for years to come.

Step 5

Lastly, we do a 360 cleaning of your gutter exteriors as well as your landscaping. We wipe down any dirt or debris that may be visible on your gutters, as well as hose down any spots on your roof or siding that may have been soiled from the cleaning. We also pick up any dirt and debris that may have fallen from the gutters onto your landscaping. Our goal is to ensure that your lawn looks as clean as it was before we arrived.

We collect all of the leaves and debris and take it with us for proper disposal. We leave your home, roof, and landscaping looking spotless upon completion of the cleaning.

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