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Vendor FAQ

Professional gutter cleaning

Before applying to be a High Five Gutters vendor, please read through our FAQ list. We answer some of the most commonly asked vendor questions and provide insight that you will need to know if you'd like to work with our team.

You will find a link to the vendor application form at the bottom of this page. After you've looked through the FAQ list, please submit an application if you'd like to proceed with applying. If you have outstanding questions, please contact us here.

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General Questions

How do I get paid?

The average pay for our gutter cleaning jobs is $87.50. Our rates are based on the bids sent to customers using data from our gutter quote form. We are constantly tweaking our formula to refine our pricing model. This means that you may get a two story home that pays $80, or you may get a one story home that also pays $80. The minimum payment you will receive for a job is $70 for a small home.

When do I get paid?

We send payment twice per month, on the 15th and last day of the month. If those dates fall on a weekend or holiday, we will issue payment on the business day before. Payment is issued for completed jobs where we have received the before and after photos.

Who collects payment from customers?

You do not collect payment. An invoice will be emailed to customers upon completion of the job and High Five Gutters handles all payment collection. If the customer is having you complete other home service jobs, you are free to collect payment for that work only.

Can I promote my own business?

We encourage our vendors to promote their businesses, as long as they are not gutter cleaning businesses. High Five Gutters should be the only gutter cleaning service that is discussed with customers. All other home service work is open and free to promote.

Vendor Communication Questions

How do I communicate with High Five Gutters?

We are a primarily online business, therefore, we prefer all communication to be via email or text message. Most questions are answered here in this FAQ, but if there are any additional questions, you can always email us at We strive for 100% vendor communication via email or text messaging.

Are there many other vendors in my area?

We try and maintain multiple vendors in each service area in order to make sure there is always availability for customers.

Vendor Communication Requirements

We expect our vendors to maintain open lines of communication with us throughout the business day. This includes responding to new requests for work as well as updating us on the status of the day's jobs. Professionalism is of the utmost importance.

We send all all work orders via text message. The message will have the address and height of the home, and whether the home has guards or not. It will also include the last time the gutters were cleaned and if there is a detached garage onsite, as well as any other important notes. At the end of the text we will ask you for the date you can get to the job. Once we have a date from you, we will inform the customer and everything will be finalized. You will be sent a work order via email with all pertinent information necessary to complete the cleaning job.

The clock is ticking once we've notified you of a new work order. We want to get a scheduled date to our customer as soon as possible, so if we do not hear back from you within an hour or so, we will offer the job to another vendor. You should be aware of this and make your best effort to respond to our text messages as soon as possible.

Each day, you will be sent a reminder via text message of your jobs for the day. At the end of the message, we will ask you to give us an approximate time you intend to arrive at each job. You are required to reply back and let us know so we can relay that information to the customers.

Job Site Questions

What happens to the gutter debris?

We want to make our customer experience as easy as possible. This means not leaving any work or cleaning for the customer to do. We require our vendors to haul away all gutter debris removed during the cleaning process. We also require vendors to wipe down any surfaces that were soiled during the cleaning process.

Here is what you do when you arrive to a job:

  • When you arrive, text the job ADDRESS and ‘OTJ’ to ‪206-659-5080‬
  • Take a clear photograph of the front of the house. Ensure the home address is visible.
  • Attempt to contact the home owner either by knocking or calling. Leave a voicemail if there is no answer. Let them know that you're with High Five Gutters and are there to clean their gutters. Remember, the home owner does not have to be present for you to complete the job.
  • Begin the cleaning setup and gain access to the roof. Ensure you are respecting landscaping.
  • Take a minimum of 10 before photos that show the gutter debris clearly visible.
  • Clean the interior tracks of the gutters and downspouts. Flush with water when necessary. Clean up all debris and remote it offsite.
  • Take a minimum of 10 after photos that show the clean gutters. Make sure the photos are of the same locations as the before photos.
  • Breakdown and load all equipment and debris in your vehicle
  • Fill out the Service Completion Letter (CSL) and go over with homeowner. Explain the cleaning process and let them know if you found any issues with their gutters. Leave this information on voicemail if necessary.
  • Leave the CSL with the homeowner or at the front door. Take a photo of its placement.
  • Text the job address and 'EOJ' to ‪206-659-5080‬

You are now done with the job. Email all photos to High Five Gutters within 24 hours of finishing the job. Send the email to Put the job address in the subject. We will consider the job complete once the email is received and work appears satisfactory. We can then process for payment. If the photos are not sent or do not include before and after pictures, we will be unable to consider the job complete.

Scheduling Vendor Questions

Can I reschedule a job?

We expect scheduled jobs to happen on or before the agreed date. If for some reason the job must be rescheduled, please send a us a text message as soon as possible so we can coordinate a reschedule with the customer.

Can I complete an appointment before the scheduled date?

Yes, unless the customer has specifically asked us not to. Please send us a text message so we can confirm the change with the customer.

Does the homeowner have to be present?

No, we do not require the homeowner to be present for a gutter cleaning job. We do require that you attempt to reach the homeowner before starting work. This can be either a knock on the front door or a phone call, whichever is the most appropriate.

How many jobs can I do in a day?

You may complete as many jobs as you can safely finish in a day. Please do not start any jobs before 9 am or after 3 pm. Our office closes at 5 pm PST and we want to make sure we're available to respond to any support issues.

How many days per week am I required to work?

This is up to you. We will try and provide ample work to all of our vendors, but if you choose not to accept jobs, that is your decision.

Can I work on weekends?

Yes, we are open on Saturdays. We find that customers often like gutter services completed on Saturday mornings. We are closed on Sundays.

Can I work on mornings?

Yes, this is the preferred time to complete jobs

Can I work on evenings?

No, we do not want any jobs starting after 3 pm PST, as our office closes at 5 pm PST.

What are business hours?

Our hours are Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm PST. We are closed on Sundays.

Vendor Application Questions

What are the minimum requirements?

Before applying, please confirm that you meet the minimum requirements listed below:

  • Own a 32' or above ladder
  • Have required tools required to clean gutters (buckets, gloves, blower, etc)
  • Have a vehicle capable of transporting a 32' or above ladder
  • Own a phone capable of sending text and email
  • Have the ability to respond to the office timely (30 - 60 minutes)
  • Ability to keep an appointment without the need to reschedule
  • Have the ability to haul away debris from a job site
  • Maintain professionalism during all customer interactions

If you meet these minimum requirements, the next step is to fill out an application to work with us. The application can be found at the link below.