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Do I Need To Be Home for Gutter Service?

By High Five Gutters on February 7, 2021

You have flexibility when you schedule your gutter cleaning with High Five Gutters. We have all equipment and tools necessary to complete your gutter cleaning, whether you are home or not. We have ladders, blowers, scoops, and buckets, ready to clean your gutters whether you’re home of it.

Let us know if you’d prefer to be home for the cleaning. We can work around your schedule and complete the job when you’re home. If you don’t mind and want to get the job done as soon as possible, we’re also here for you.

Our process works like this:

  • We arrive onsite and knock or call to explain our cleaning process to you
  • The cleaning process begins with a 360 degree walk around of your property, looking for obvious any signs of damage or clogging
  • We pull out our ladder and climb on your roof to complete a second 360 inspection of your gutter tracks, looking for damage or clogging
  • Once we’ve noted any issues, we begin the cleaning process by removing large debris and leaf clumps from your gutter tracks
  • When the large clumps are removed from your gutter tracks, we repeat the same process for your gutter downspouts
  • When both tracks and downspouts are clear, we run water through all tracks and downspouts to ensure no clogs remain
  • Once all the water runs clear, we clean the exterior of your gutters as well as clean up and debris that may have fallen onto your landscaping
  • We then bag up all the debris to haul off site
  • Lastly, we knock or call to explain what we found during the cleaning process and provide you a copy of the Service Completion Letter
  • Instructions on final invoicing is provided during the final conversation

Do not let scheduling worry you when it comes to setting a gutter cleaning appointment. We can work with any availability. We have appointments asap, in one/two weeks, a full month, or even if you’re looking to get a quote. We’re here to make sure your gutters are clean and in good condition. Let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to get a gutter cleaning quote.