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What Month Should You Clean Gutters?

By High Five Gutters on February 6, 2021

Gutter cleaning schedules have been debated among professionals for years. Some state that gutters should be cleaned in early fall, while others maintain that they should be addressed in the late fall. Still others insist that gutters should be cleaned twice per year, once in early fall and again in early spring.

High Five Gutters likes to take a simple approach. Gutters should be cleaned once per year, in the late fall. This schedule works for 90% of individuals, regardless of the presence of mature trees or brush. Assuming no snow, November or December are the best months to schedule your annual gutter cleaning.

This schedule works well because it allows the fall season leaf shed to wrap up. There should be no more leaves or twigs falling that could clog your gutters. It’s a great time of the year to contact your local gutter cleaning professional.

Leaf clogged gutters

Some trees, such as oak and maple variants, drop their seeds in the late spring. These seeds can fill and clog gutters and downspouts in a matter of days. You may want to consider a spring gutter cleaning, depending on where you are located. The cleaning process in the spring is identical to the fall. We use blowers and water flushing to remove clogs from gutter tracks and downspouts.

Scheduling is much less important if your gutters have not been cleaned for years. Visible plants growing from the inside your gutters is a bad sign. You should have a professional out immediately if you are dealing with gutters in this condition. You may be facing the possibility of a full system replacement or a thorough deep clean of your gutters and downspouts. Another indicator is water overflowing the sides of your gutters. You will often see markings in the soil where the water falls.

In conclusion, make sure you are scheduling your annual gutter cleanings in the late fall. And if necessary, schedule your spring cleanings around May or June. Get a professional out as soon as you can if your gutters are in bad shape or overflowing. It’s better to have them addressed now rather than wait for the ideal time later in the year.